Custom Print Services

We do provide custom print services for your own brand and design. We have years of experience in this custom printing field. Our quality assurance teams will do the quality checking in order to make sure the deliverable of the products in high quality and meet the client’s expectation.

High Quality of  Materials

Type of fabric

Steps to custom print with us..


♦ ️ Price includes fabric cost + print cost

♦ ️ Min order (Standard): 1 Roll (50 meters), 1 roll 2 designs.

♦ ️ NEW! 👉 Combo 4 Designs in 1 Roll:

An additional RM 100 per roll will be charged as a Designer Handling Fee.

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📣 📣 📣 📣 😱😱😱 📣 📣 📣 📣


Cotton Voile Beautiful  – Signature Our Own Product, Intrend in market

Code: F32

RM 18.50 / meter FREE Sewing Piko / Babyseam

Min order: 1 roll (50meter)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Pearl Chiffon GEBOO  – Signature Our Own Product, Intrend in market

Code: F34

RM 25.00 /meter FREE Sewing Babyseam

Min order: 1 roll (50meter)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

OTHER PRICES FOR PREMIUM MATERIAL 👇 (excluding sewing price).

Chiffon Voile – Signature Our Own Product, Intrend in market

Code: F21

Rm 20.50 / meter

Min order: 1 roll (50meter)

LUVLY SATIN MATTE PREMIUM – Signature Our Own Product, Intrend in market

Code: F26

Rm 26.50 / meter

Min order: 1 roll (50meter)

Super Satin Matte – Signature Our Own Product, Intrend in market

Code: F24

Rm 30.50 / meter

Min order: 1 roll (50meter)

Satin Silk

Code: F10

Rm 23.50 / meter

Min order: 1 roll (50meter)

Heavy Chiffon grade AA

Code: F15

Rm 21.50 / meter

Min order: 1 roll (50meter)

Chiffon Crepe Platinum

Code: F13

RM 22.00 / meter

Min order: 1 roll (50meter)

Luxury Satin

Code: F16

Rm 22.50 / meter

Min order: 1 roll (50meter)



📍Shawl can be 2 designs.

The shawl will be printed side by side in 1 roll.

Customers will get 54 pcs in total,  1 design will get 25pcs each.

📍For bawal square, 2 designs for 1 roll.

Number of pcs is based on the wide of the fabric chosen by the customer.

Customer will get 43 pcs of bawal square if the wide of the fabric chosen is 45″. Customer is able to choose the wide of the fabric from 45″-56″.

📍If there is a major defect in the fabric ordered, only the credit meter transferred process is made, ie the amount of damaged fabric meter replacement will be brought to the next order.

📍The color to be printed may not be 100% the same as the original design due to the computer / mobile screen effect.

📍Each roll of fabric will have different thickness depending on the design and color included.

📍Preparation period for printing + sewing approximately 3 weeks after confirming the design for printing. It will likely be available sooner or later if the queue is long.

📍Payment method: * 60% payment of the total cost required to confirm the order, 40% payment balance after design is ready & ready for print.

📍 In the event of a Cancellation of Order on the client’s own choice, the 60% payment (Order Confirmation) received will not be refunded.

Design Selection

Note: 1 roll (50m) can make 2 different designs, or 1 design with 2 colors.

OPTION 1: Design Bank

No extra charges will be incurred for client to change color, reposition of motif design and adding signature brand name.

Design can be seen in Instagram app by browsing the hashtag #designbankashanim to see the entire bank design

Link: Design Bank

OPTION 2: Design Yourself

No extra charges for designing work from us because we only print the client’s design. Please provide final artwork in the form of high resolution jpeg. Minimum 150dpi and design size must be in the actual size of the bawal or shawl. Color format: CMYK.

We only responsible to check in terms of technical printing. Content design is 100% from the client’s designer and the factory will not touch / modify the design. The final design given by the client’s designer shall be the design that will be proceed to be printed.

OPTION 3: Paid Design

There is a charge of RM 300 per design will be incurred due to using of our Professional Textile Designer. Not all designers can design for fabric.

Our Professional Textile Designer will design according to the design you want. Each design can be expanded to several colors, there is no additional cost as it is already included cost of RM 300 per design.

The charge for using our Professional Textile Designer per design is only for the 1st sketch with 2 times amendment.

Client can screenshot a picture or sketch a picture for our reference (design as you wish).

Babyseam & Eyelash Sewing Charges

For sewing charges, the fabric can be from the customer or order from us, either plain @ custom print.


Sew Babyseam

Min 60pcs. Prices are as below 👇

RM 5.00 / pcs for shawl

RM 4.50 / pcs for bawal square field 40 “- 50”

RM 5.50 / pcs for bawal square field 50 “and above



Min 10pcs. Prices are as below 👇

60pcs and above RM 12.00 / pcs

30pcs to 60pcs RM 15.00 / pcs

10pcs – 29pcs RM 18.00 / pcs

♦ ️Disclaimer: For eyelash stitches, 5- 10% of the total pcs of stitches will occur thread breaking process, where it is standard eyelash stitching process. For a design that has a border, the probability that the border becomes small (due to breaking the thread) is beyond our control.


Piku Sewing

Min 60pcs. Prices are as below 👇

RM 4.50 / pcs for shawl

RM 3.50 / pcs for bawal square 40 “- 50”

RM 4.50 / pcs for bawal square 50 “and above

Metal Label or Charm Hand Sewing Charges

1 hole RM 0.50 / pcs

2 – 3 holes RM 0.80 / pcs

4 holes RM 1.20 / pcs


Woven Label Machine Sewing Charges (fabric / ribbon)

RM 0.60 / pc (if the fabric is sewn with us)

RM 1.00 / pc (if fabric / lid x sewn with us, min 100pcs)


Scarf Pressing Charges

RM 1.00 / pcs


Same Pattern Folding Charges + Plastic Charges

RM 0.60 / pcs

Kindly contact us if you have any inquiries or you want to proceed with your custom print with us.